Welcome to my first blog post on my new website.

In this crazy year of 2020 my spirituality ramped up to new levels.

Before the pandemic however, I was lucky enough to travel to Asia with my twin flame. I have many memories to recall from our wonderful adventure. However, my overriding impression was the gracious people and their spiritual practises, this really intrigued me. Every interaction was blessed. In India I woke up at dawn every morning hearing the call to prayer from the temples. Incense burned everywhere. My Third Eye was open and my Heart was filled with love and gratitude.

Within two weeks of our return we were locked down. This sad moment gave me time to reflect and plan how I wanted Reiki With Bo to evolve.

Instead I started drawing mandalas! The pure joy of drawing came back to me after a good few years of feeling incapable of expressing myself with paint. In turn my meditation evolved into a deeper practise. I began to meditate everyday, and continued to draw and draw.

During my meditations I realised I wanted to share Reiki with more people. I started sending more distance treatments to friends and family. Their responses were encouraging.

So now, I have a new site. I'm in the process of purchasing crystals to sell in my new online shop. I'm hoping this is the start of something.