soul balance spray

2020 was the strangest year for us all. The whole planet ground to a halt, and we all realised not only how closely woven our societies have become, but also how vulnerable we really are to the forces of nature.

At some stage I noticed that I really needed more grounding.

A dear friend reminded me about earthing. So daily I meandered around our garden barefoot, feeling the power of nature relax my body and my self.

The perfect time to pause and create. I concentrated on expanding my reiki practice and sending more distance treatments.

My grounding practice really enhanced my day. As I had more time to be creative without regular work constraints, I started to draw mandalas, grow more vegetables and use my essential oils.

I was having a great time with aromatherapy mixology and I developed this blend for protection, purification and of course grounding. I use it at home and for my Reiki clients. I have noticed that my connections are becoming clearer and the energy flows with an increased intensity.

The SOUL BALANCE SPRAY is perfect for cleansing you and your sacred space by removing negative energy. Just spray a couple of times above your head and allow it to gently fall into your aura. The aroma is divine and instantly refreshing.

Spritz in your room or space whenever you need an energetic boost. It is a perfect solution for smokeless cleansing. The added bonus to this concoction is that it can also be used as a linen spray. Spray on your pillow and drift off into a relaxing night’s sleep.

The combination of the following essential oils creates a centring and grounding mix, which of course is infused with the positive energy of Reiki.

From the first spray you will notice the citrus tones of LEMON and BERGAMOT, offering protection and purfication from the start.

Following on with the aromatic fullness of LAVENDER, creating harmony and balance, ROSEMARY, perfect for aura and room cleansing and protection, as well as being deeply relaxing.

Lastly you will detect the base notes of VETIVER and MYRRH, adding a warm, earthy aromas to the mix. Vetiver and Myrrh are not only grounding but they also provide a powerful sense of balance for the mind, body and soul, aiding sleep and relaxation.

I will be writing further about my new spray. There's so much to say ...